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Custom made wood cabinetry goes against the grain of today’s mass produced, throwaway age. We work using one of nature’s finest and most beautiful raw materials – wood. Although every tree shares the characteristics of its species, each individual piece of wood displays a unique face of its own. Unlike factory-made materials, every board and flitch of veneer we use has a unique life story. In the 40 - 60 years it takes a tree to mature, a one-of-a-kind grain pattern and texture develops. Like fine silks, leather, and precious stones, wood cabinetry’s beauty flows from its range of color and variety of character markings.

So what produces all these differences? The word “figure” is used to describe the pattern produced in a wood surface by annual growth rings, knots, rays, and deviations from regular grain, such as interlocked and wavy, and irregular coloration. Boards from the same tree show significant variations in figure. For example, the “younger” wood closer to the bark (sapwood) will be lighter than the heartwood in the central portion. Wood can also display the colorizing effects of ground based minerals and other essential elements that trees absorb as they grow. Even birds and insects contribute to character formation of wood by leaving their “marks” in the wood.

Royal cabinets are built to last a lifetime (or two). Take time to learn about the available woods, choose wisely, and always remember “no two pieces of wood are alike”. Because of wood’s glorious non-mass produced character, your cabinetry will be uniquely beautiful and like none other in the world.

Clicking on the images below will allow you to see finished samples of some of our more popular wood species. In addition to these five species, we offer ten other woods to choose from.

Clicking on the images below will allow you to see the some of the variations you can realize from each species.

Royal Cabinet Company - Cherry Wood Royal Cabinet Company - Maple Wood Royal Cabinet Company - Lyptus Wood




Royal Cabinet Company - Red Oak   Royal Cabinet Company - Pine

Red Oak




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