Royal Cabinet Company Finishes

Royal Cabinet is well known for the quality, consistency and beauty of our finishes.

In preparation for finishing, our doors, cabinet parts, ornamentation, and mouldings, are carefully hand sanded to a smooth, blemish free condition. For stain application, we use the time proven hand wiped technique which delivers more color consistency and depth than the simple spray stain approach commonly used by the volume cabinet producers.

Our raised panel door framing beads are designed with a slight back bevel to allow the stain to penetrate behind where the framing bead and panel raise meet. During staining, an air nozzle is used to blow stain under the framing bead which minimizes the possibility of “white lines” appearing on the panel raise during expansion and contraction. All parts are matched to a control sample for color consistency before going to the next step.

Once stained, the parts receive a variety of additional steps depending on the specified finish. The sealer coat is a high solids material that is spray applied and then sanded with a fine grit sandpaper. The last coat is a high solids catalyzed conversion varnish that meets the most stringent KCMA and AWI standards. Once top coated, the part passes through our infra-red drying oven to “bake on” the finish. The result is a beautiful finish that is durable, has clarity and depth, and is resistant to most household chemicals.

Click on the images below to view how different glazes affect each species.

Red Oak
Premium Finishes